About Us

Imagine Unlimited, Imagine Lumiz


Our vision is to provide a sustainable improvement to the environment as an influential market leader, while creates a motivated and innovative culture for our employee. As well as being responsible to our stakeholders with maximized return, by delivering satisfaction with high quality products and services to our customer.



We are a Hong Kong based consumer electronics company whose mission is to create value for our satisfied customer with quality product and service; thus, our essence is to bring enjoyment to users. We also provide our employee an energized, ethical, and opportunity filled working environment. As a social responsible entity, we strive to ensure our environment sustainability is suitable for our next generation.

Our factory

which has experience of manufacturing Electronics products for many year, is located at Baoan, Shenzhen, China. We have been working with international brands to produce high quality products and have got license to produce Disney products.

Diversifying type of products to contribute to healthy life is one of the new aspects we have developed recently, e.g Air purifier, automatic soap dispenser & etc.