Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions 

1. Services

1aWe are LUMI International Limited (collectively "we", the "Company" or "LUMIZ") and we own and operate the site. Our site facilitates a convenient way to shop online and to enjoy watching entertainment content round-the-clock over the Internet, including by using our applications or software (“services”).

1bBy using our site you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

1cWe reserve the right to make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without providing any prior notification. The amended terms and conditions are effective from the date they are published on our site. Your continued access and use of our site and our services shall represent your unconditional acceptance of the latest version of the terms and conditions.

2. Meaning of Some Words

2a) “customer” is a reference to you and anyone who uses your account to browse this site.

2b) “intellectual property rights” means any and all patents, trademarks, rights in domain names, rights in designs, copyright and database rights (whether registered or not and any applications to register or rights to apply for registration of any of the foregoing), rights in confidential information and all other intellectual property rights of a similar or corresponding character which may subsist now or in the future in any part of the world. 

2c) “Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability” means the Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability applicable to LUMIZ eShop delivery service, which is listed here.

2d) “login account” means the login name and password of LUMIZ eShop account upon registration.

2e) “Privacy Notice” means the policy adopted by us regarding the collection of personal information of customers and site visitors through this site, which is listed here.

2f) “price” is a reference to the selling price of the product on the day of transaction.

2g) “product” is a reference to any items that is selling on LUMIZeShop.

2h) “we”, “us” or “our” is a reference to LUMIZ, who is the retailer of LUMIZ eShop.

2i“LUMIZ eShop” means this site which is owned by LUMIZ and any media used for selling LUMIZ products. 

2j) “you” or “your” is a reference to the person to whom we are providing the services or delivering merchandise and who is required to pay for the merchandise we delivered.

3. Registration

3a) You are required to register with us when you use the services or place an order. By registering you are making a statement, upon which we are entitled to rely, that you are aged 18 years or above and capable of forming a legally binding contract. 

3b) You represent to us and to all suppliers of the merchandise through our site that all purchases made by you through our site will be within the scope of your authority to conclude contracts.

3c) In consideration of your use of our services, you agree to:

1) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself when filling out our registration form; and 

2) maintain and promptly update your registration information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If we have reasonable grounds to suspect that any information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, we have the right to suspend or terminate your registration. 

4. Order

4a) When you place an order you are making an offer to buy from the supplier the merchandise you have specified at the price stated for those merchandise. You cannot cancel an order once it has been submitted, even if our acceptance or rejection of your order is still pending.

4b) We will acknowledge your order to confirm that we have received your order by email. The confirmation will provide:

1) details of what you have ordered;

2) details of the price charged;

3) information about the progress of your order; and 

4) estimated dispatch and delivery information.

This communication will be our acceptance of your order on behalf of the supplier. You may track your order status online.

4c) The availability of the merchandise is as shown online and will be updated regularly by us.

4d) We reserve our right not to accept or cancel an order for any reasons at our sole discretion, including but not limited to: 

1) no sufficient stock to deliver the merchandise you have ordered;

2) no delivery can be arranged for your area; or

3) one or more of the merchandise you ordered was listed at an incorrect price due to a human or computer error or an error in the pricing information provided by the supplier. 

4e) If we cancel your order we will notify you by email and will credit to your account any sum deducted by us from your credit card as soon as possible but in any event within thirty (30) days of your order. You accept that we will not be obliged to offer any compensation for disappointment suffered. 

5)Order Cancellation

5a) Order cannot be changed or cancelled once it is placed.

5b) We will use all reasonable commercial endeavors to ensure the supplies of products listed on the site. If any product cannot be provided to customers since it is out of stock, we will contact the customer and try to replace by similar products. Otherwise, the product will be deleted from the order and the bill will be adjusted accordingly.

5c) All orders are subject to final confirmation based on the stocks of related products. If we cannot provide any of the ordered products or services, we reserve the right to cancel the order. If we cannot provide any of the ordered products, we will contact you through phone call or email before delivery. 

5d) The quantity of all promotional items, gifts and redemption items are limited. We will end the promotion or redemption once the item is out of stock. If any of these items are out of stock, there will be no replacement and no further notice.

6. Uncontrollable Force

6a.) If due to any uncontrollable reasons (including fire hazard, injury or death, accident, natural hazard, any law enforced by HKSAR government or departments, order, announcement, rule, regulation or restriction, strike, labour dispute, labour or skilled worker shortage, product or supply shortage, transportation delay or any other reason beyond LUMIZ’s control (no matter the same with the aforementioned)), that made us cannot fulfill the responsibilities stated at this site, we will not be responsible for these areas.

6b) For the safety of our employees, we reserve the right of stopping delivery service.

7. Non-confidential Information

7a) Any personal information and related information you sent through internet to us will be protected according to the Privacy Notice (link to Privacy Notice). We sincerely invite you to read through the Privacy Notice before providing us any personal information and related information.

7b) Any other information sent to us through internet, email or other methods, including personal information, question, comment, suggestion, opinion, visuals or similar information, will be treated as non-confidential and without ownership. What you sent or posted will belong to us, and can be used in any ways, including but not limited to copy, disclose, transfer, publish, broadcast and post. Notice that LUMIZ reserves the right to use any comment, concept, knowledge or skill that you send to us by any reason, including but not limited to development based on that information, production and product promotion. Any uses mentioned above will not be subject to compensation to the information provider or any other party.

7c) When you send the information, it means that you make sure having the ownership of the information/content you sent us, and we will not be conflicting the rights of any third party regarding this kind of information/content. 

8. Disclaimer

8a) Without violating Article 9 below, any information, data and all content that you can find on the LUMIZ website are provided to you according to their availability, and are not guaranteed in any form, whether explicit or implicit , Including guarantees for goods or for specific purposes and other guarantees.

8b) We do not represent or warrant that access to our site, or any of its contents will be accurate, uninterrupted, complete, reliable or fault-free.

8c) Certain legal jurisdictions may not allow specific restrictions on guarantees, therefore some of the above disclaimers may not be applicable to you.

8d) Any advice or information obtained from LUMIZ or during the use of the LUMIZ website services, whether oral or written, does not constitute any guarantee that is not expressively stated in the existing terms and conditions.

9. Limitation of liability

9a) When you log in, use, or browse the LUMIZ website, you must bear the risks and hazards.

9b) You confirm and accept that, in accordance with the maximum permission of applicable laws and regulations, neither LUMIZ nor any of its affiliates, or any person involved in the creation, production or transmission of the LUMIZ website, should not be allowed to take responsibility for any direct, indirect or subsequent damage, reputation damage, cost loss, reduced turnover or profit, or liabilities of any nature (even if LUMIZ knows or should know that such losses will occur) when you log in, use or otherwise fail to use this website.

9c) When using the LUMIZ website, downloading or obtaining information in any other form, you need to take the risks and hazards. LUMIZ does not take any responsibility for any damage caused by your login, use, or download of any LUMIZ website content or any illegal interference and access to the IT system, or any virus that affects your computer equipment or other property.

9d) LUMIZ reserves the right to suspend or terminate all or any part of the LUMIZ website. LUMIZ is not liable for the suspension or interruption of all or any part of the LUMIZ website caused by the actions or actions to be taken of LUMIZ or any third party.

10. Hyperlinks

10a) As a service provided to viewers, this website may provide hyperlinks to other websites that are not operated or controlled by LUMIZ. LUMIZ is not responsible for the legality, accuracy or functionality of the content of such websites.

10b) It is strictly forbidden to create any hyperlink to this website without the prior written consent of LUMIZ.

11. General

11a) These terms and conditions contain all agreements between LUMIZ and you regarding access to and use of this website and its content. Any other terms or conditions issued by LUMIZ governing its relationship with you, especially those related to the sale of any service or product, shall be regarded as a supplement to these terms and conditions; if there is any discrepancy between the two, other terms or conditions shall prevail.

11b) LUMIZ allows you to violate any part of these terms and conditions or LUMIZ failure to exercise its rights in accordance with these terms and conditions or laws and regulations shall not be regarded as a waiver to exercise its rights.

11c) If any clause of these terms and conditions is found to be illegal by existing or future laws or regulations, or is deemed illegal by a court order, those clauses will be abandoned, and all other clauses of these terms and conditions still exert full legal effect in the relationship between you and LUMIZ.

11d) The headings of these terms and conditions are only for the convenience of users to read, and the original meanings of these terms and conditions should not be changed or modified under any circumstances.

12. Modification of these Terms and Conditions

12a) LUMIZ reserves the right to make amendments to these terms and conditions at its absolute discretion without any prior notice to you. You should review these terms and conditions before submitting any order. By submitting an order, you have accepted the terms and conditions applicable at that time.

13. Laws Applicable

13a) These terms and conditions are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The courts of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shall have jurisdiction over disputes over these terms and conditions.